About the blog

Robert Fisk. John Simpson. Anderson Cooper. Fine foreign correspondents they all are. I don’t – and can’t – claim to be an expert on foreign reporting. Save for a module on overseas reporting , I’ve had limited exposure to the kind of life that these foreign correspondents lead. But, as a journalism student mulling over the possibility of becoming a foreign correspondent, I’m interested in all that foreign correspondents are about – their lives, their work, their future, their challenges – everything.

This blog will be an exploration of what it takes to be a foreign correspondent, of the foreign correspondent’s future in journalism, and alternative ways that foreign news could be reported in future. In five to ten year’s time, with contracts forged between news networks to cut costs and the Internet expanding possibilities in how reporting can be done, being a foreign correspondent will take on a whole new meaning. And this blog sets to connect the dots – across time, across distance.


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