About Andrea

Andrea has always dreamed of travelling the world. But it is not touring that occupies her thoughts. She wants to go beyond just looking at the facade of a place, to knowing and understanding the culture, the lifestyle and the framework through which its people see things. And to her, journalism provides this ground-up perspective of a place. 

She was first awed by the power of the word when reading about the aftermath of 911. Only 15 then, the articles about courageous flight passengers who died trying to fight hijackers and office workers who helped one another as the buildings crumbled all around them moved her to tears and prayer. It also put in her a desire to do the same one day — to write stories and touch hearts halfway around the world.

A journalim major at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in Singapore, Andrea has given journalism a try as a news editor at her campus newspaper The Nanyang Chronicle, and also as an intern at a bilingual freesheet My Paper. This blog was started as part of her final-year course Journalism Reimagined. When she is not blogging here, she is on the run from being recognised as a horse thief.


She would be happy to answer any queries – except those relating to missing horses – at xinjie_soh@hotmail.com



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