Off-the-beaten-track foreign reporting

The Straits Times’ US Bureau chief Chua Chin Hon has won a special mention at US-based Pictures of the Year International contest. In a ST article on Saturday, Chua revealed that his entry, a 40-picture set titled “Time and Tide: Five Years Behind the Three Gorges’ Dam”, was a work accomplished between 2003 and 2008, when he was based in China.

In the same article, he said: “Day to day work at the Beijing Bureau is often about the news of the moment and you often lose track of the bigger story and changes gripping China.” The pictures for this entry had been taken when he was on leave, he added.

Chua’s work has often struck me, because they are normally off the beaten path. Rather than only focusing on reporting daily news which news wires can easily duplicate, he also takes note of the bigger picture and tie it back to the effect on the people on the ground. This, I think, will be what distinguishes foreign reporting in the future as news of the moment reach people more and more easily regardless of geographic distances.

If interested, you can see more of his work here.


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