Facebook group for Robert Fisk

Continuing on the earlier post on reporting from Iran and Iraq, none can claim to be a more established correspondent in the Middle East than Robert Fisk. Praised by New York Times as “probably the most famous foreign correspondent in Britain”, he even has a Facebook group of his own.

The Middle East correspondent for UK newspaper The Independent, Fisk has spent more than 30 years reporting from the region. He speaks vernacular Arabic, and is one of the few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden – three times between 1994 and 1997. Not only does he find favour with his sources, his readers like him too: there are 2,896 members in his Facebook group.

The introduction to the group promises that you can find links to Fisk’s articles as soon as they are published online. It also serves as a gathering point for many interested in the conflicts in Middle East; members hold debates on the wall.

Such Facebook groups could be a valuable asset for journalists who want to get a feel of the reactions to their articles. Like Twitter, it could also be a barometer of what people are talking about, particularly in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, Fisk doesn’t seem to be in the group himself, or maybe even on Facebook. A quick search turned up many Robert Fisks, but not the famous journalist. Maybe he’s too busy tracking down terrorists in mountain caves.


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