talking to TOC

The following story idea about journalism in Singapore is posted as part of my course Journalism Reimagined.

As a prominent website known for providing alternative views, The Online Citizen (TOC) has come a long way since its inception slightly more than two years ago in Dec 2006. Now, with a team of 60, including editors and contributors, it is almost like a full-fledged news outlet. How different – or similar – are they from mainstream news provider the Straits Times in the gatekeeping process? Have they encountered any censorship, or censored their own articles? 

Why does it matter?

TOC has made a mark as an alternative news provider for Singaporeans. The day after Mas Selamat escaped, TOC received 7,000 visitors – almost twice its usual traffic. Although still small compared to those of Today and the Straits Times, the incident showed that many are increasingly turning to TOC for an uncensored version of politically-sensitive news. Exploring its gate-keeping process would therefore be interesting.

Who will be interviewed?

TOC editors, contributors, editors of overseas news websites such as Malaysiakini, TOC readers, and mainstream newspaper readers.


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