seeing the real picture in Gaza

After weeks of criticism for banning foreign reporters from the Gaza strip, Israel has finally opened up the Gaza strip crossing to journalists.

The ban had been instituted in early November when the ceasefire agreement with Gaza’s leaders, Hamas, began to fray. The Israel government argued that they had the journalists’ safety and security at heart. Even after an Israeli High Court ordered for the ban to be lifted, the military refused to budge. Instead, it took its message onto the Net, posting its own videos, like the one below, on Youtube.

With a shaky ceasefire now in place in Gaza, analysts are questioning whether the ban had been a losing media strategy or a right public diplomacy effort.

Would the media have helped or hurt Israel’s cause? We would have the answer in the coming days, as more foreign journalists stream into the now-opened Gaza. If it is the former, we would probably see more of embedded journalists as militaries seek to engage the media. If not, Israel’s practice would probably become more common. Would foreign correspondents in conflict areas and war zones then go out of jobs?


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