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The following story is for an assignment to show the impact of new media on a person’s life. It is posted as part of my course Journalism Reimagined


They were a world of difference apart.



She was a true blue Singaporean, complete with lahs and lohs. He was an anglicised Nepali and spoke like an American.



They were both in IRC, the same band channel, the same time. She a clarinettist, he a trombone player.



He clicked on her. “Hey there,” he typed.

“Hi =),” she replied.



They talked with keyboards, and laughed with J



Then, slowly, keyboards became phones. J became the smiles on her face, as he sang her to sleep every night.



And one day, he said: “Hey isn’t it time we meet?”

She agreed, but asked a friend along.



She waited, a 14-year-old in a white dress, fidgeting and twiddling.

He appeared, a 16-year-old in a blue checked shirt and jeans, joking and talking.



“You look really pretty in the dress,” he said.

She blushed, and said nothing.



She read her textbooks, cover to cover, for her O levels.

He quit his studies just months before O levels, and moved to US to study music.



She went into NTU, and studied banking and finance.

He switched to journalism in Harvard.




“I thought you were doing music?” she asked.

“Follow your passion as it changes,” he told her.


She got a boyfriend.

He got a girlfriend, then another, then another.




She broke up with her boyfriend of two years.

He called. “Why shed tears for someone who makes you cry?”




She graduated, and now works to save her bank everyday.

He graduated, and now works to chase stories as they change.




They are a world of difference apart – but now, connected by a cable.


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