filling that void

The Boston Globe closed its three remaining foreign bureaus in 2007. The Christian Science Monitor is sharing foreign coverage with Miami Herald’s publisher McClatchy in a three-month trial. The Sun has also begun a news exchange this month with The Washington Post.

It seems all doom and gloom. And from this dust a new hope appears to have risen to fill the foreign news void, in the form of the GlobalPost.

It does seem rather promising at the first glance. Covering 50 countries at its launch, its team of writers includes experienced journalists from major news organisations like CNN.

But on scratching the surface, the fine print is discouraging. It pays its staff only $1,000 a month, treating them as freelancers rather than full-time staff. In fact, many of its correspondents are with other newspapers, supplementing their pay with their work at the GlobalPost.

For now, one of GlobalPost’s business strategies is to sell its content to newspapers, placing it in head-on competition with established news wires. Will this underdog succeed? Only time will tell.


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