me in 30 questions

The following is posted for an assignment as part of my course Journalism Reimagined.


Name: Soh Xin Jie

Preferred First Name: Andrea

Pronunciation of First Name: And- drere

Birthday (Day & Month): 1 Oct

Activities & Organizations Involved at and outside NTU: Interschool games, FYP

SCI Concentration: Journalism

I wake up in ten years. I am: Running a family hotel in in Greece, a la Mamma Mia

Favorite thing to do each day: Sleep

If I wasn’t a journalism/SCI student I would be: Busking in Europe Orchard Road

Most picky about: Tidiness

Guilty pleasures: Chocolates

I admire: Social workers

Irrational fears: the Viking ship in amusement parks

Big regret: Not skipping more when younger

Even Bigger Regret: Being too old to start skipping now

Most-prized possessions: Photo albums

Ideal Sunday: Lazing at home with a good book in hand

Craziest thing I’ve ever done:  Rolling down a hill after a full dinner

Fav piece of clothing: A simple white top from Australia

Right now, I have in my pockets, purse or wallet: Two polaroids, cards and cash

Fav spot on earth: Home

Fav movie of all time: La Vita E Bella

Book I have read the most: The Chronicles Of Narnia

Something I want to do right now: Sleep

Morning routine: Wash and eat.

Next big purchase: Air ticket to Europe

BRIEFLY list the internships, study abroad, and volunteer opportunities you have completed.

Writing in My Paper, exchange at Bond University (Australia)

One thing about me that most people would not know: I can’t pronounce “wood” for nuts

One other thing about me that most people would not know: I’m a closet environmentalist

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be: Idealist


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