I am the future of journalism?

The following is for an assignment as part of my course Journalism Reimagined.


This sounds like a chest-beating kind of statement made with the deepest conviction. The sort that I wouldn’t be able to get past through my teeth at this moment.

Just  four months away from the end of the final semester, I still am undecided whether I actually do want to be a journalist. In an age where news are consumed through RSS feeds, FaceBook notes, and YouTube videos, journalism as we knew it, with all its heavy gatekeeping machinery, may not be relevant anymore.

What’s in the future for journalism? Multimedia platforms, hyperlinked reports and blogging in all its variations?

Probably all of the above. But, at the same time, mastering them does not make you a journalist; not every tech geek can become a journalist. 

The soul of journalism goes back to the art of storytelling, the skill of asking and listening, and the will to overcome challenges, no matter what form they come in.

I confess: I’m overwhelmed by the prospect of having to blog twice a week for class, seeing words like “microblogging” in my assignment list, having to conduct a video interview and, horror of horrors, edit them.

But maybe, in the process of learning about vlogging, microblogging, enhanced podcasting, word clouding, interactive timelines, geo-clouding, ethnographic-style reporting, i just might rediscover this journalistic soul in me.

Ask me the same question again. In four months.


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